The 29 Year Old Virgin

How do you do it?  How are you still a virgin?  How do you convince your boyfriend and now fiancé not to have sex?  You have to want to give up?

2015 is here!  Jesus!

New Years 2015 was very special to me.  I am a New Years baby and Jan 1st was my 29th birthday.  This New Years is the last one before the big 30, but more importantly it’s my LAST birthday as a single woman, oh and yes,  it is my last year as the VAUNTED VIRGIN.

I am a little under 6 months away from being MARRIED!  The road to this present time hasn’t been easy but it has been so worth it!

My forever response to years of questions?  JESUS!

I remembered the promises God made to me.  The promise that I would be married some day.  The promise that I would walk in my destiny and be a role model to many.  The promise that I would impact the world.

God never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up on Him!  Even when I didn’t see the finish line and I would cry myself to sleep night after night, wanting to give in He was always there, pursuing me.

God would always, either give me a word through scripture or send someone right at the moment I needed them with words of advice. Jesus!

I am here to dispute all the statements that say it can’t be done and living for Christ is not exciting.  My life has been a movie and after 29 years of production, I am ready to show itThe belief that it’s too hard to follow Jesus is not so.  It is not easy but, I am a living witness that God will give you all the strength you need to be successful.

People ask me if I thought this was possible and honestly, I didn’t. Jesus!

I will tell my testimony for the rest of my life to encourage all who strive to live for Christ!  I would not change a time or a heartache.  I embrace the seasons of loneliness and the nights of tears.  It was all worth it and still is.  Everything has made me stronger.

If you are at a point in your life and you are questioning God and what He wants you to do, just trust Him.  If you become anxious pray this simple one word prayer; JESUS!

This will be the first of many pieces and the start to a new ministry focus for me: Strength in Purity. By God’s grace I will write my first book before the end of this year and launch my first conference. Stay tuned!

If you need to talk, have comments, or questions please feel free to contact me.


25 thoughts on “The 29 Year Old Virgin

  1. This is so powerful!!! I can totally relate as a 28 year old virgin. It’s not easy living this life but I believe in GOD’s promise that everything will work out in HIS timing.

    1. And it all will Zachary. Thank you for being a young man of purity in this society where there are so few!!! Keep it up!!! God Bless

  2. Hey Shanay,

    As I read through this I’m struck by several things you’ve said. I’ll start with your answer to your “forever response” question. My perplexity was assuaged upon reading further. I was perplexed at your “expletive” of “Jesus” and did not initially see it as the answer. I am a faithful follower in heart, but not as often in action as I could and should be. So, initially I saw an expletive rather than an answer to the question. I may need to ponder my own inner belief system more diligently than I have done.

    I have a question…. is it your destiny path to be married? and isn’t this path you’ve been trodding this far also your destiny? Is destiny only one path and is there only one path? Actually, this turned into two questions. I look forward to the discussion as my current establishment of worship does not engage me in this questioning venture.

    See you around the campus.

  3. This is awesome. I just turned 30 and I am proudly still a virgin myself. It’s great to know we do not stand alone. Many blessings to you.

  4. So CHIC! 🙂 Dude……you are MY SISTER!!! Like….forrealz!!! lol. Happy, encouraged, inspired, re-energized…..THIS! 🙂 Nothing more beautiful than a yielded vessel and a faithful God! Keep pointing eyes back to Jesus, love!!! Continue walking in the blessings and abundance of life! 🙂 Can you imagine what the sweet sound of “Well done, my faithful servant” will be like on that day we meet the true love of our souls?…..until then!!! 🙂

  5. Girl! Amen! *High Five* to those of us still boldly waiting to swipe our V-Card! We’re a dying breed, but we do still exist!

    I’ll be 32 in March, and I’m right there with you…though never been close to being engaged, I mean I’ve only dated one fella “seriously” for maybe 4 months consecutively. Some reason even Christian Mingle fellas can’t handle the thought of waiting.

    SO happy your earthly prince has come! I’m still writing my personal journey through my blog, and sharing with young women, but also writing a book on the journey. Raw, Real, and fulllllll of ugly crying, but the reward will be worth it 😉 This we can rely! I’m also a professional wedding photographer….just in case you still need one 😉

    Blessings beautiful sister loved by God!

    1. God Bless you!!! And it will all be WORTH IT! Keeping writing too, there are so many who will benefit from your life as well!!!

  6. This is so Awesome Shanay! I am so happy and proud of you. I am looking forward to your book and to see the things that God has set for you in your life be fulfilled. I believe more of our youth (and adults) need to hear encouraging stories like yours. Excited

  7. This is so Awesome Shanay! I am so happy and proud of you. I am looking forward to your book and to see the things that God has set for you in your life be fulfilled. I believe more of our youth (and adults) need to hear encouraging stories like yours. Excited

  8. Praise God my Sista. …
    May you be encouraged as you step out into ministry. There are many people out there of all ages that need to hear what I believe God has equipped you to speak into their lives. All that you went through wasn’t for you because it’s all about Him and what He was preparing you for. If you hadn’t went through it all, you couldnt share with the great intensity that relates to those who may be going through or will go through what you you’ve already came through…
    So as you step into your ministry, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might and congratulations to you and your fiance on your upcoming wedding. 🙂
    God Bless, youre in my prayers!


  9. I enjoyed reading this and I know this will inspire a lot of young woman. I wish you much success on the start of this journey!! God Bless!! 🙂

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