“Well, was it worth it?” Already, a month into marriage and it has been the most asked question I have ever received. In Life! Unfortunately I can’t say I’m too surprised. 
So, was the wait worth it? In a simple and quick response: YES! Like everything else there were high peaks, and low valleys. In an effort to spare you some messy and physically weird details just know I made it and it has been great. However, from this experience, I have taken away several things that I must share with you. 
    1. SEX is very INTIMATE and ONLY for MARRIAGE!
Its such an intimate experience, I couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere and with anyone else but my husband/covenant partner. My feelings were actually wrapped up in one of my first statements to my husband after we sealed the deal.  I told him “I couldn’t have handled this any earlier than now and not with anyone else but you” I continued “I can truly understand how many develop soul ties and attachments to people after they have had sex with them. Because of the deep connection and intimacy, you automatically feel attached to the individual on a different level”
Sex is a connector, an intimate experience that shouldn’t end in separation. It is definitely not for temporary events. It’s meant to bring two people closer and closer (“AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH; so they are no longer two, but one flesh”- Mark 10:8). God’s instructions were clear and on purpose for a very good reason. My message and my thoughts remain the same but they are strengthened with belief more than ever. WAIT FOR THE RIGHT PERSON! IT IS BEYOND WORTH IT and if you have fallen already, no worries, God can bring you back and fully RESTORE you! You have to be willing to PURSUE it and completely SURRENDER it to God!
    2. SEX in MARRIAGE is a level of MINISTRY.
At this stage in my life, I was ready for a higher level of ministry. This is it! We are honoring God with our bodies and following his instructions. As we keep Him at the center of our marriage and relationship, we bring all parties together when we are intimate. It is a beautiful experience that can only be experienced at this level. We worship God because of this awesome experience. God meant for sex to be enjoyable and to remind us that He loves us and wants the best for us. It is not a chase, it is not a pawn in a game, it is not something we use as leverage, it is a sacred act. We must take this sacred experience back from the world, which has distorted it.
   3. SEX in MARRIAGE is GOOD. The REAL Good! 
I understand that sex outside of marriage is “good” to all who do it. But, it isn’t GOOD! I’ve experienced a level of GOOD that only comes in waiting. Hate me or love me but its the truth! I know God has honored me because of my wait.  God created all things and like it says in Genesis, it was GOOD!  Thats the GOOD I’m talking about experiencing. God’s GOOD. We want that God ordained GOOD. The good you experience outside of marriage is temporary and will leave you broken after a period of time. God’s GOOD is eternal and ever-lasting! It lasts forever as Jesus is at the center. Even if at some point in a marriage you end up in a not so good place, because the marriage was founded on Godly principles, you continue to seek God for your counsel and guess what? Sex will be a reminder & connector to your eternal purpose and covenant with your spouse.  
The level SEX plays in our lives, in the stage of marriage, CAN NOT be taken prematurely. Any earlier than the season it is suppose to be experienced in will cause damage. Its like a flower set to bloom in spring, growing in the winter. The flower will be severely damaged and if it does survive, it will take lots of care and work to get it back to its desired state. Don’t try to bloom before your season! (“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”- Ecclesiastes 3:1). Honestly, I am so thankful, grateful and humbly honored that God kept me! I don’t know if I could have handled the impact of sex before marriage. LORD, I THANK YOU!
Marriage has been AMAZING! and I am so glad I was able to share in this awesome experience with my husband for the first time. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. For all those out there WAITING.. HOLD ON! BELIEVE ME, ITS WORTH IT!!! It’s SO WORTH IT! And for those RECOMMITTING to the WAIT! SUBMIT it all over to GOD!  TRUST HIM! and only take HIS direction! He will RESTORE YOU! He will keep you once again.
I Love You all!!! and I am so thankful for this ministry! As, I have been away preparing for the wedding and transition, know I have been working on some things, I am proud to announce that The Virgin Diary is now a NonProfit Organization called THE VIRGIN DIARY INC. Our mission is to inspire, empower, encourage and guide all in a lifestyle of strength in purity and abstinence. Not just in a sexual context, but being pure of and abstaining from the worlds corruption.  Please stay tuned for our upcoming conference in 2016, my books, and featured blog posts from guest writers. If you haven’t done so, please follow me on Social media for the most up to date information. SHARE..SHARE..SHARE the blog to all you know!  I truly believe God has called me along with THE VIRGIN DIARY INC. for such a time as this.  I welcome all support and prayer, If you have questions, concerns or comments, do not hesitate to contact me at .
Love you all and GOD BLESS!!!
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2 thoughts on “Soo WORTH the WAIT!

  1. Love it, sis! 🙂 Such a pure take on the matter from such a pure place. Not often are we able to walk alongside someone going through “process” AND also get to witness the initial aftermath of their spiritual “pruning,” so to speak. We hear admonishment from those who have long been through the experience or from those still in wait, but rarely from the candid “before & after” perspective of someone just doing life. The encouragement almost has a different pull on your heart altogether. So GOD BLESS you, my sister! For not only allowing access to your journey in this very exposed way, but for also bringing life to the word of God in doing so (which should be our mission as His workmanship, ya know). Love you always! I shouted you out on the pod last week! 🙂

    #Blessings for the Howards

    1. Love you dearly Stejha!!!!! Seriously!!! God is sooo good!!! and All the Glory goes to Him! Im glad I get to live this life, and He chose every step!

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