Rebuked by a sinner

It’s like it was yesterday.  While away in college, my boyfriend surprised me with an unexpected visit.  During the visit we almost had SEX! ( What? I know, shocker!)  When you are not guarding yourself, things like this can happen in a moment. I was so broken and disappointed with myself.  I had to talk to someone about what happened.  I needed comforting, a hug, a shoulder to cry on.  

I texted my friend and told her I was coming over.  She was always such a good listener.  Crying and sobbing, I told her the entire story.  She listened, nodded, waited until I was finished, and then she spoke.  She looked me straight in the eyes and yelled “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”  

I was shocked.  I was confused.  My response was “WHAT?  What are you talking about?”  She continued, “I CANT BELIEVE YOU ALMOST HAD SEX.  Why would you do that! You CANT DO THAT!  You are my example and my inspiration for living a Christian life.  IF YOU DONT MAKE IT, I CANT MAKE IT!”

I couldn’t speak, I just cried even more.  I was filled with so many emotions but more importantly I was GRATEFUL!  God had used my friend to minister to me.  My friend who was not saved.  My friend who partied.  My friend, who, I thought wasn’t listening to me when I spoke about my relationship with Jesus.  

Right there it hit me.  My life was meant for something bigger than just me.  It was for God’s purpose.  It wasn’t about me.   That moment touched me forever.  I was moved and once again God had used the most unexpected way to minister to me!  It showed me how much God loved me!

I share this to encourage you who are reading to live for Christ with your whole heart!  God will go out His way to show you His love.  He will use anyone and anything to get your attention!  That’s how much He cares for your life!  He wants us to live for Him and prosper!  Even when we are wrong, He accepts us back with open arms.  So if you have gone a little off path or even totally off path be encouraged.  God loves you and is waiting for you to come back to Him with open arms! He always has your best interest at heart. Pursue Him! Be Set Apart for HIS Purpose!

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