Meet Shanay

10629520_600731740054033_5969854292283769372_o (1) Shanay Y. Freeman was born and raised in Laurelton, Queens, NY the oldest of 5 children and a twin. She is 29 years old and works as a School Counselor at Preparatory Academy for Writers in Queens, NY. She is an avid member of her community and her church Bethel Gospel Tabernacle. Shanay is a Youth and Young Adult minister. She is an executive staff member of the Joppa Youth Church, an executive staff member of the Imago Dei Young Adult Ministry Staff of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, the program director for Camp Joharie, Bethel's church camp, and teaches at the Bethel Bible Institute where she just created a new program for Young adults entitled the Young Adult Leadership Certificate Program (YALC).

Shanay began preaching at the tender age of 14 years old and hasn’t stopped since. She has attended Seminary and Bible School in addition to her secular education, where she has received degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University ( BA in Psychology) and Queens College (MS ed in Counselor Education). Shanay attended Alliance Theological Seminary ( Nyack College) and presently attends New Brunswick Theological Seminary where she will complete her Masters in Divinity.

Shanay believes in living her life all for God’s Glory. In all that she does, God must get the praise. She is determined to stand out amongst the rest and has accepted the call on her life to influence not only her peers, but youth/young adults all throughout the world. Her purity walk, being 29 and a virgin, is just the cherry on top. Shanay firmly believes that the life she has been called to live was done to inspire and encourage others.

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