Change For A $20

People read my blog, follow me on instagram & other social network sites, and tell me all the time I inspire them. Let me tell you, you guys inspire me. In this circle of life, edification goes both ways. You telling me that I inspire you or give you hope, inspires me to keep going. Without people growing from things I do, I wouldn’t be able to grow at all.

It’s said that once a $20 bill is broken, it is spent. And it really is. You never really get change back, what you get are reminders of a lost $20. A person is much more inclined to spend money on a bag of chips at random when they have a $1, $5, or $10 bill. When you go to Chik-Fil-A and you get a spicy chicken sandwich, if you’re going to break a $20 dollar bill than essentially you are spending $20 on a chicken sandwich. You’re just not going to want to break that $20.

Recently, I have been accepted to a program called seven day seminary. It will cost me $3500 to attend and I must have the money by the 28th of October. But I am not asking you for $3500. I am asking for $20.  The link to give is Click Here

It’s funny how a calling can be so overwhelming. I remember first seeing the ad for Seven day seminary. I was so excited. Wow, was my only I thought. Steven Furtick is one of the most dynamic preachers of this generation, he is a young adult, and his church is the fastest growing church in America. He is also looking to advance and grow future leaders in a practical way. I said to myself, “ It would be awesome to go.

I showed my husband, Isaac, in a “matter of fact” kind of way. He immediately told me it was for me and God was opening doors, ordering my steps. That was a little over two months ago. Sure I wanted to go, but then procrastination kicked in. There is a procrastination that seemingly always follows the fear of being great. I didn’t fill out the application.

So about a week ago, walking out of work my husband looked at me and in a frustrated tone asked me “what was going on with Seven day seminary?” I told him “nothing, we didn’t have the money.” I should have known better than to say that to him, Isaac is all about faith! He looked at me and just said, fill it out.

Now, we are here. A week, two extensive applications, and a full social media background check later and I have been accepted into the program. I am very close to achieving my goal of attending Seven day Seminary. I’m psyched!!! And this experience makes me even more excited about what is to come.

I will be changing lives with what I learn at Seven day seminary. I can promise you that I will be the change that I want to see in others. I know I was called, along with my husband, to change the world. I remember a part in a William McDowell song that said, “The change I want to see, must first begin with me. I surrender, so your world can see change.” I am fully committed and have surrendered to the call God has placed on my life. Help me be the change!

The link to give is Click Here . You give the $20, I’m promising you change!


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